1. queerpropaganda:

    "can men and women really be just friends??" straight people are so weird

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  3. "The Universe is under no obligation to make sense to you"
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  4. cokesprite:

    when ur chemistry teacher asks if u understand and ur just like


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  5. iguanamouth:

    last year one night me and my old roommates were all playing twister and mike was on the spinner and halfway through the game he kind of mumbled to himself “i sure hope im calling these right” and then everyone in the room simultaneously remembered that mike was colorblind

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  6. hotboyfriend:

    Seeing someone slowly lose interest in you is probably one of the worst things ever 

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  8. katbot:

    Professor: Your essay must be 3,000 - 6,000 words

    Me: image

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  10. gnarly:

    its weird how you can have friends, but also have no friends at the same time

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  11. kingschultzies:

    the high that u get after u watch a movie in a movie theater is what i LIVE for its beautiful

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  13. sizvideos:

    Drive Recklessly - Video

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  15. waweyn:

    She just died like 17 times in that fight

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